• Last summer while I was living in Los Angeles I had the amazing opportunity to act in a short film called Eerie Anecdotes – Party At Jills. A comic book themed journey of two former lovers with a crazy twist!!

    The film recently won an award for Excellent Film Production at the San Fransisco International New Concept Film Festival!!


    I am so thrilled for the entire production team who worked so tirelessly and created a fantastic final product! Congrats to our amazing director and writer Alexandre Viveiros, our DP Richard Greenwood Jr. Editor Edo Brizio and the rest of the team: Matthew James, Rikki Techner, Damien Zimmerman, Anthony Cook, Livia Marcelino, James Hatcher Jr, Antonio Dinapoli, Jonathan Acevedo, Melanie Adams, Sara Garth, Martin Anthony Munoz III, Dustin Ong, Sandra Matrecitos, Karla Legaspy, George Troester, Marcia Ribeiro and Serge George!

    This was a truly unique and special experience for me, shooting my first film in LA!!

    And of course the film could not have been done without the rest of the amazing cast: Michael Racanelli, Alexandr Magala, Ursula Maria, Gabriela Banuelos, Samira Izquierdo, Ian Nemser, Paul Barrios, Shainu Bala, and James Moten-Black. 

    We killed it team!

    Check out the Trailer below 🙂