• Watch My Film “W4M” Here!

    January 22, 2016 | News
  • The film I had the pleasure of shooting with some amazingly talented people is now available on Vimeo On Demand for only $1.

    This is a true story about two people who meet on Craigslist for anonymous sex. The film is very funny and plays on the idea of gender role reversal in sexual relationships.

    Written and Directed by one of my best friends, the crazy talented Jonathan Popalis! Produced by Mike Veerman, with production design by Jason Ray, Sound by Kirill Belousov. Amazing editor Mark Myers and the wonderful makeup and hair wiz Ginger Martini. And of coarse the man who made this film possible, shot it himself and gave it a home at his production company 9 Light Entertainment, the exceptionally gifted Pasha Patricki.

    My co-star Mark Nocent is hilarious, vulnerable and absolutely adorable in this film! Jeff Sinasac is wildly funny and probably my favourite character. Shane Christian Cunningham and Sayla Vee DeGoede make fantastic and memorable appearances to complete a film that was an absolute joy to work on.

    Check it out here only on VOD!

    Watch W4M Here