• Bravo Facts short: “A Man’s Story”

    January 11, 2016 | News
  • I recently had an awesome time shooting a short film with some good friends of mine. Not often do we get to be on set with students from our own acting class and celebrating their success.

    My classmate Emmanuel Kabongo stars in a new Bravo Facts short film titled A Man’s Story

    12311188_10153111200255426_5243509651507823790_nEmmanuel play’s Kam, a young boxer who is forced to face his father, after his jarring memories of a traumatic childhood disrupt a boxing match. They both must come to facts with the disturbing notions of manhood which each of them has inherited.

    Starring: Emmanuel Kabongo, Pedro Miguel Arce, Kim Roberts, Thamela Mpumlwana and Onyekachi Ejim. 

    I played the small part of a boxer who witnesses a sparring match that takes an ugly turn. But the point of this post is not me. It is about the awesomeness that is supporting our fellow actors and peers. Too many times in this industry I hear actors say that certain parts are “beneath them.”

    I find this so bizarre! Any chance to be on set with talented people, supporting our classmates and seeing them shine should be of high importance. Just because it isn’t your shining moment, does not mean you can’t support the light of others!

    The image below shows some wonderful and supportive actors from EVN studios in Toronto.

    (Left to right: Emmanuel Kabongo, Ryan Rosery, Pedro Miguel Arce, Sasha Rajamani and myself :))



    Let’s all become a little more supportive of our fellow actors this year. A genuine interest and respect for someone else’s career can go a long way.