• My website is LIVE!!!

    January 10, 2016 | News
  • I’m so excited for my personal website to finally be up and running!

    In this blog I will be posting a lot about the projects I am currently working on, releases and viewing information. Pretty much everything related to my film career.

    I will also utilize this space to talk about anything that I feel is relevant, from the film industry to people I care about. I always love to help spread the word and promote the great work my friends are doing, which brings me to… my amazing friend, EMILY HASHEMI!!

    Emily is a freelance web developer and writer and she is amazing at both! How do I know? Well…she created THIS very site!!!

    She is a total wiz at creating beautiful, custom and user-friendly websites.  Not only that but she is very skilled at the art of social media marketing, kind of important now a days..

    Contact her for your next website, or give your old one a makeover!

    Emily Hashemi – Web Developer

    Oh! And did I mention she’s a wicked talented yogi!

    See for yourself and check out her beautiful photos on Instagram: @emili_yogini



    Thank you Em! You rock 😚