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    • We Won an Award!!

      March 4, 2016
      We Won an Award!!

      Last summer while I was living in Los Angeles I had the amazing opportunity to act in a short film called Eerie Anecdotes - Party At Jills. A comic book themed journey of two former lovers with a crazy twist!! The [...]

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    • Watch My Film "W4M" Here!

      January 22, 2016
      Watch My Film &quote;W4M&quote; Here!

      The film I had the pleasure of shooting with some amazingly talented people is now available on Vimeo On Demand for only $1. This is a true story about two people who meet on Craigslist for anonymous sex. The film is [...]

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    • Bravo Facts short: &quote;A Man's Story&quote;

      I recently had an awesome time shooting a short film with some good friends of mine. Not often do we get to be on set with students from our own acting class and celebrating their success. My classmate Emmanuel [...]

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    • My website is LIVE!!!

      January 10, 2016
      My website is LIVE!!!

      I'm so excited for my personal website to finally be up and running! In this blog I will be posting a lot about the projects I am currently working on, releases and viewing information. Pretty much everything related [...]

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